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Industrial Space Heaters

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What are space heaters?

Space heaters consist of a powerful industrial blower that directs airflow onto an efficient infrared heater, which can either be a finned tubular heater or a PTC heater. This combination enables the space heaters to generate and distribute hot air, catering to various open areas such as garages, sheds, greenhouses, and expansive halls that necessitate precise temperature regulation. To meet diverse needs, space heaters are classified into two categories: portable space heaters and fixed space heaters.

Thermotech stands as a reliable provider of space heating units in Pakistan, offering a broad range of options ranging from 5KW to 250KW. These units are equipped with thermostats, allowing for effortless automatic control over the desired temperature. By partnering with Thermotech, customers can ensure efficient heating solutions that perfectly suit their specific requirements in open spaces.

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