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Industrial Geysers

In Pakistan, Thermotech is a well-known supplier of industrial geysers. They come in two varieties: electric geysers and geysers with propane gas burners. Additionally, we can provide our clients with dual heat transfer geysers. The tanks range in size from 500 liters to 20,000 liters. For typical solutions, they are constructed in galvanized sheet metal, and for hard water, such as seawater, they are designed in the stainless steel sheet metal to prevent corrosion. An epoxy sealing agent is used in hot water tanks to ensure longevity. Our professionals create a feasibility study based on your precise requirements and give you a calculated solution with drawings.


The water tanks use industrial electric geysers for rapid heat transfer. Our geysers are built from premium sheet metal that has been coated with epoxy resin for water tank endurance. High-quality non-corrosive Incoloy immersion heater tubes for high temperatures between 10 KW and 250 KW are installed in the geyser tank, and they are thermostatically controlled.


Propane gas burner geysers use natural gas or LPG gas to transmit heat instead of an electric heating element. These are made of GI sheet metal. The inner and outer bodies of the geyser are carefully insulated with glass wool to stop heat leakage. A propane burner pumps high-pressure gas onto the inner vessel base for quick heat transfer.

propane gas burner geyser
industrial electric geyser
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