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Nichromech is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Electric Heating Elements in the Pakistan & co partner with Thermotech Pakistan®& GFM Voortman® U.A.E. We have very wide product range to meet our customer's requirements.NichrOmech was founded in 1998. Our companyhas grown at an exponential rate but our commitment remains the same – to provide our customers with superior products and services for theirindividual needs. Our stocked heaters come in a number of different wattages, voltages and dimensions to fit anyone's needs. There are a lot ofapplications where industrial heaters are used. They are used in packing machinery, pharmaceutiacal, chemicals, metals, plastics and more. Eacharea has a different model of heater and this makes a longer list of potential elements that may be needed. Industrial elements are used in machinerythat heats bulk materials, viscous liquids, gases, water and air. Some heating element styles are band, enclosure, cartridge etc. Each has its ownspecific purpose and is best for certain areas just as the heaters themselves are made for certain kinds of needs.We can also provide you a veriety ofnichrome wires,mica and any type of insulation material.

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